We talked about objects and their relation to memories and how memories are connected to forgotten objects and to previous lives.
It is a story in the end about loss.

– Robert Kondo, Director

The story of Moom takes place in a mystical land where memories are characters attached to forgotten and discarded objects. Each memory is released from their object when they are ready to let go. Unlike other memories, Moom is a memory stuck in this mystical land. One day, he encounters another memory stuck in this world just like him. While helping his new friend to understand this fantastic world they live in, Moom finds she may be able to help him.


Moom was originally a Japanese children’s book written by Genki Kawamura, a well-known film producer in Japan and illustrated by Yuuki Mashiko. Genki invited Dice and Robert to direct the adapted short and encouraged the directing pair to bring their interpretation of the story to the screen. The producers formed a talented production team in Japan and with Tonko House’s creative direction, they set out to make a film that combines the learned values from the American and Japanese animation cultures.

For the production of Moom, Tonko House collaborated with two animation studios in Japan, Craftar and Marza Animation Planet. The production process was a challenge. Given the different production backgrounds of the directors from the producing partners there were different expectations for budget, schedule and process. Through continuous online meetings between the directors and the production crews in Japan, the teams found a way to guide their passion towards capturing the creative vision of Tonko House and the world-class craftsmanship of the Japanese production studios.

Tonko House has been looking for opportunities to collaborate with Japanese creators to make something the world has never seen and Moom was the first step towards that goal.

– Dice Tsutsumi, Director