Tonko House ExhibitionTonko House’s first Exhibition, The Journey of The Dam Keeper, took place at Creation Gallery G8 (managed by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.) in the Ginza District of Tokyo from March 25th to April 30th in 2016. More than 10,000 people visited the gallery in 5 weeks.

The hope is for visitors to get a feeling of Tonko House’s studio in California, as well as the production process of The Dam Keeper, and new ideas for future projects through this exhibition.

– Makiko Odaka, Creation Gallery G8 Curator


The Journey of The Dam Keeper exhibition was divided into 3 sections. In the first room, the space was designed to replicate the interior of Tonko House’s studio in California using reclaimed wood and blackboards with chalk drawings. On display was information about the studio and its mission as well as the latest short film project, Moom. Sketchbooks and new artwork gave visitors an exclusive first look and insight into Tonko House’s future projects.

The next two rooms presented different elements and artwork from the world of The Dam Keeper. The largest room in the exhibition featured processes and designs including maquettes of its featured characters. Artwork helped tell the story of the film’s development and message. In the final room of the exhibition Tonko House shared a view into the world of The Dam Keeper beyond the short film, including artwork from the development of a feature length story and other tales and story experiments set in the world of The Dam Keeper.

The exhibition was amazing in providing an opportunity to work with incredible people and artists we admire.

– Robert Kondo, Director


Collaborations with respected artists and studios created especially for the show were featured centerpieces to the exhibition. A puppet made with the Japanese stop-motion animation studio, Dwarf, was on display and used to create animation in the exhibit. Miniature diorama artist Satoshi Araki created a set piece from The Dam Keeper. Tonko House’s production partner Anima exhibited animated clips displaying the possibilities of The Dam Keeper in a tactile computer generated world.

Tonko House Exhibition - Opening Event