Tonko House: The Art of The Dam Keeper Book

November 06, 2015


Tonko House: The Art of The Dam Keeper is available for pre-sale on Flesk Publishing’s website. 200 limited and numbered pre-sale copies are available with an exclusive giclee signed and numbered print of young Pig and his father.


From the Flesk website: The Art of The Dam Keeper features over 200 illustrations, photographs from inside the studio and interviews with the directors and crew. Like their main characters, who endure trials of friendship and growth, so too did the creative team. This 168-page hardcover details the struggles of the artists who came together to tell the story of lonely Pig, his schoolmate Fox and the dam that keeps the darkness at bay in their small town. Each chapter takes us through the filmmaking process with never-before-seen artwork, including concepts, story beats, background, sketches, sequence and final-frame animation, character designs and color scripts.

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