Tonko House: The Art of The Dam Keeper Book

November 06, 2015


Tonko House: The Art of The Dam Keeper is available for pre-sale on Flesk Publishing’s website. 200 limited and numbered pre-sale copies are available with an exclusive giclee signed and numbered print of young Pig and his father.


From the Flesk website: The Art of The Dam Keeper features over 200 illustrations, photographs from inside the studio and interviews with the directors and crew. Like their main characters, who endure trials of friendship and growth, so too did the creative team. This 168-page hardcover details the struggles of the artists who came together to tell the story of lonely Pig, his schoolmate Fox and the dam that keeps the darkness at bay in their small town. Each chapter takes us through the filmmaking process with never-before-seen artwork, including concepts, story beats, background, sketches, sequence and final-frame animation, character designs and color scripts.

New Products at CTN-x

November 04, 2015


Tonko House will be selling new products from Japan at this year’s CTN-x in Burbank, California. New products will be revealed on Tonko House’s facebook pageleading up to the event! See you all there!!

11月20日から開催されるCTNで、トンコハウスの新商品を発表します。その前に、トンコハウスのフェースブックページで、ひとつひとつ紹介しますのでお楽しみに!Tonko House’s facebook page

Tonko House's Zen to give a talk to 100 Tokyo Design Technology students

October 27, 2015

Tonko House’s Zen Miyake is planning to give a talk for 100 Japanese students from Tokyo Design Technology School on November 2nd, at 6pm. This talk is full and not open to the public.

Talk will be at The Hillside Club 2286 Cedar Street, at Arch St., Berkeley, CA 94709

Audience: 100 students from Tokyo Design Technology Senmon-Gakko

Organizer: Idea Resource System

Anima to Announce TH Artist Exchange program at CG World

October 27, 2015

anima_dk_ad_1_square anima_dk_ad_1_square CG World 2015 Creative Conference

11/22/2015 @ Bunkyo Gakuin University in Tokyo

The CG World conference is for CG artists from animation, games, and interactive industries to share and talk about the latest news and projects in the industry.

Our partner, Anima will be announcing the launch of the Tonko House Artist Exchange program. An educational program between professionals in Japan and Tonko House. More to come…

Link to CG World Anima Presentation

Tonko House at CTN-x Burbank

October 27, 2015


Tonko House will attend CTN in Burbank, this November 20th-22nd. We will have a booth selling new goods including the premiere of our book, Art of Tonko House, Book 1: The Dam Keeper, and share a presentation of the latest news from Tonko House, what we have been up to for the last year and whats coming up next year. We are fortunate to have the same booth location as last year, table T200!

Zen Miyake to attend SPARK Animation 2015

October 16, 2015

SPARK Animation 2015 will take place in Vancouver from October 21st to 25th, 2015. During the festival, there will be a symposium called Women and the Business of Animation, which consists of series of panel discussions. Zen Miyake will attend one of them called, “Monetizing Shorts” on Ocober 23rd, at 11am. More information can be found at SPARK Animation 2015’s website.

SPARK Animation 2015は、10月21〜25日までバンクーバーで開催されます。アニメーション業界の様々なトピックを協議するシンポジウムのパネルディスカッションのひとつに、トンコハウスの三宅が参加します。詳しくはこちらのウェブサイトで。</>

One-day workshop with Robert Kondo at Concept Design Academy

October 16, 2015

Robert Kondo is going to hold a 1 day workshop titled, “Designing & Painting for Animated Film” on October 24th, 2015 at Concept Design Academy in Pasadena. Please visit Concept Design Academy’s website for details.

Tonko House events in Tokyo

October 16, 2015


Tonko House will be screening The Dam Keeper in Tokyo, Japan. The event will be hosted by Hobonichi, or Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun, at their Tobichi event space on October 17th and 18th. Dice Tsutsumi will be attending the screening and give a talk on the making of the Academy nominated short film. New products will be for premiered including Dam Keeper washi tape, a limited edition color script postcard set and two new limited tote bag designs. [TOBICHI2 Tokyo Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, 4-28-26] More event information can be found here.

Dice is also giving a lecture on color script for the animation masters class at the Digital Content Expo on October 24th. For event’s detail and purchasing tickets, please press this link.

The Dam Keeper上映会

The Dam Keeperが、東京で上映されます。『ほぼ日刊イトイ新聞』主催の上映会は、10月15日(木)~20日(火)の6日間。場所は、ほぼ日さんのイベントスペース、TOBICHI2です。


映画の場面のシルクスクリーンプリントやトートバッグ、マスキングテープなど、The Dam Keeperのグッズを販売するちいさなお店もオープンします。ぜひ、ご家族でお立ち寄りください!


10月24日(土)、DIGITAL CONTENT EXPOで、堤大介がカラースクリプトについて講義します。堤の専門とする光と色の演出の技術論に焦点を当て、自身が手がけたトイストーリー3、モンスターズユニバーシティ、そしてダム・キーパーを例に、映画作りにおいて最も大事なアートディレクションの一つと言われる、「カラースクリプト」の秘密に迫ります。詳細は、こちらをご覧ください

New Website is Published!

September 24, 2015

We are super excited to announce Tonko House’s official website is now published! Please explore the site and visit the site periodically for new info. Our online store is coming soon on October 15th. Stay tuned!